Thursday, 18 June 2009

The man is back

Yesterday I opened the Independents and there was an article by Vince Cable. I came home from work did a few things(including some canvassing) and settled down to Newsnight and there he was again. This morning I woke to the Today programme and there he was again. At lunchtime I drove to a appointment with Radio 5 on and there he was again. Amazing. I've heard no other Lib Dem. This reliance on Vince is a little worrying. Clearly we have other economically literate front benchers; even if they are not on the Treasury team it must be right to try and get them shouldering the burden.
Anyway the substance of what he was saying is important. He has identified the weakness in the Governments response to the failure on banking regulation. Britain is the HQ of many of the banks that indulge in 'casino banking' and it must be right that the UK tax payer doesn't have to guarantee them. The government seems reluctant to break up the banks and only offer the tax payers guarantee to the utility banking sector.