Friday, 15 May 2009

In April at the begining of the scandal surrounding MPs' expenses I noticed an article in the local paper about a local resident being sent to prison over a housing benifit case. I thought I would reproduce it now. I was thinking what are the odds that the Winterton's have repaid all the money; not because it was outside of the rules but simply because their behavior was wrong.

I write this with care. Today's Southport Visiter carries a front page story about a man who has been given a 10month prison sentence for fiddling his welfare claims. I have no objection to that. As I read down the story I found he has claimed about £16,000 pound housing benefit from Sefton council. It turned out that as the Visiter
"The local authority’s investigation discovered that the property
was held intrust by Charles and Pauline Smith, who are the claimant’s parents."

Now let us turn to a wholly separate story to see how somebody else was
dealt with who handed over their property to a trust and then claimed expenses. This report from the Daily Telegraph.

I watched Question Time last week and there was a discussion on Jacqui Smith's claim for a second home allowance. I suspect that rather like the Winterton's the claim it is within the rules. In the programme Sarah Teather revealed that as the MP for Brent -which is classed as on outer London Borough -under the rules she is entitled to a second home allowance! This clearly barking and to her credit Sarah has not claimed the allowance. Sadly the Winterton's have not exercised the same moral