Thursday, 21 June 2018

Social Liberal Conference details

SLF Conference Agenda 2018

10am-10.30am: Reception and coffee
10.30am-11.25am: Session 1 - A New Liberal Economics: 
Plenary with David Howarth, Stuart White and David Boyle, and chaired by Helen Flynn.
11.25am-12.20pm: Session 2
Breakout 1: Climate change Economics: With Ed Davey
Breakout 2: Housing: With Alex Marsh and Emily Davey (tbc). The session will have as one of its focuses the green paper on social housing due to come out on 24 July.
12.20pm-1.05pm: Lunch
1.05pm-2pm: Session 3 - Beveridge Memorial Lecture by Layla Moran MP
2pm -2.55pm: Session 4:
Breakout 3: Climate Change—Duncan Brack and Louise Harris, subject to be determined
Breakout 4: Regional Inequality—Paul Hindley and someone from Equality Trust
2.55pm-3.05pm: Tea
3.05pm-4pm: Session 5 - Radical Policies for a Post-Brexit World
Plenary focusing on radical social and economic policies with Baroness Kishwer Falkner, Caron Lindsay and Layla Moran.

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