Friday, 26 January 2018

Keeping pensioners in the dark

Back in December the street light (No 5) went out in Grantham Close and the elderly residents in the maisonettes reported it to the council. Opposite their homes the is a big open space and, understandably, they were concerned that the unlit street made them insecure. The darkest and longest nights of the winter passed and there was no action from Sefton council despite residents chivvying the council. As I write the light is still out. This is an unacceptable level of service from the council. Street lighting plays an important part in helping residents feel safe. The housing development id principally for older people and you would have hoped the Council could have got its act together to sort out this problem. I have now taken the matter up with the council and I hope it is will soon be sorted.

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  1. This is known as a 'Ray Hughes Point' Iain. Do you remember him as a Sefton Councillor from Lydiate in the late 1980's early 1990's?


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