Monday, 12 September 2016

Trevor Jones, Sutton and Cheam by election and being fed at the NLC

Back in 1972 I was an undergraduate in London. I was active in the YL's and was one of the small group who started going to Sutton and Cheam to help deliver the first Focus leaflet soon after it was announced the Tory MP Sir Richard Sharples was to be Governor of Bermuda.  On more than one occasion Trevor arranged to drive me back in to central London and fed me at the NLC. I learned a great deal from those meal time conversations.

I have never lived in Liverpool or been involved in the day to day politics of the city but , like many of my generation, took a keen interest in in what was going on there. Unlike some folk who copy some of their practices Trevor and his team drew on the radical tradition in the party and as such was a natural ally for YL's battling against some of the less progressive forces around in the party. Trevor may well be remembered for his electioneering but I recall that he was a man of political ideas as well.I found he was someone you could always just ring up for advice

I recall travelling in the back of his Triumph Stag (?)  from Liverpool to a Party Council in Cardiff when there was some business that we were keen to oppose.

In his role as Party President he did shake up the party and transform it into an operation that believed it could win elections.

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