Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Freedome of England by God’ Blessing Restored

On the Mayoral Blog I has writing about the visit of Formby U3A to Bootle Town Hall. Among the items of interest were the maces and admiralty oar that are carried in front of the Mayor at Council meeting and on other civic occasions

The maces we were looking at were from the former Bootle Council and Crosby and Waterloo Council. They were heavily decorated with royal emblems. My mind went back to an occasion a couple of decades ago when I was a member of Congleton Borough Council and I was being shown the town's treasurers by a local historian. The prize possession was a mace, but this one started life as a republican mace and was, allegedly, the model for the one made for the House of Commons. You will recall that Charles1 lost his head in 1649 and The Commonwealth was declared. The Congleton mace dates from that time.
As the Town Council website explains:

Town Mace
Silver gilt, made in 1651, the mace has an intriguing historical connection with the execution of King Charles 1. It is reputed to have been used as a model for the House of Commons mace and is still carried in front of the Mayor on ceremonial occasions by the Mace Bearer. An inscription around the head of the mace, originally said: “The Freedome of England by God’ Blessing Restored.” But, in 1660 King Charles II regained the throne and the inscription was considered subversive. The town accounts of 1661 refer to a sum of £3 being “payd to ye goldsmyth for altering ye Mace.” The date was changed, somewhat clumsily, from 1651 to 1661 and the phrase “to C.R” (Charles Rex) added to the inscription. These alterations can be clearly seen today.

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