Saturday, 26 March 2016

Birkdale Irrigation Allotment new initiative

Richard Hands meeting the Birkdale Irrigation Allotment team, Dave (chair), Linda, (Secretary) and Tony (Treasurer)

Having clocked up over 100 years on the present site the Birkdale Irrigation Allotment Society is launching a new imitative. When we visited the site on Good Friday ( the traditional day for plot holders to plant their potatoes) we learnt that the waiting list for a plot was now 4 years. The scheme that the group have come up with seeks to involve those on the waiting list in  allotment activities whilst they wait. As you enter the site there has long been a vacant plot reserved for people with disabilities which has become neglected. The plan is to bring the plot back into use and erect a poly tunnel on the site. This will be a great asset for the wider community who are interested in growing their own crops.

Birkdale Lib Dem councillors were delighted to support his new scheme with a modest grant from the pot of money set aside for Birkdale we and wish them well for the next 100 years

Now you may ask why to allotment folk plant their potatoes on Good Friday? One obvious reason id that it was the first spring  'holiday' that working men had. Secondly Easter is fixed by the moon and as is well documented alot of people are persuaded to garden by the lunar cycle, Thirdly, of course, despite the lack of a fixed date for Easter Good Friday does fall at the right time of year.

Bank Holidays were introduced by Sir John Avebury by in 1971. He was Eric Lubbocks Grandfather
and Bank Holidays were known as Avebury Days for a while. Good Friday was included in the legislation for Scotland although not for England. Unlike the Calvinists north of the border Christmas Day and Good Friday were established days of rest in England.  

Many readers will be saddened by the recent death of Lord Avebury (Eric Lubbock) a comprehensive tribute to him can be found here  and of course it has triggered one of the most bizarre and nonsensical by elections of all time  let us hope the victor is as environmentally aware as the man he is replacing.

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