Monday, 7 March 2016

A visit to the Pre Raphaelite exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery

William Davis: The river Alt between Ainsdale and Formby
On the recommendation of Tony and Jen Robertson I took some visitors from Kent to see the Pre Raphaelite exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.  It is well worth a visit. I had not realised that Liverpool was the only provincial city to have its own Pre Raphaelite school. We discovered many artists new to us including William Davis two of whose pictures were amongst the favourites of our group.

William Davies: Speake Hall

A more typical PRB painting also took our fancy.Rossetti's Venus Verticordia a rare nude and obviously not what the person who commissioned it was expecting as he had another, less revealing,  version painted. He explained that for an 'old timer' it was to voluptuous. The poem on which Rossetti based the painting was one which showed women as the corrupter of men.

Rossetti: Venus Verticordia

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