Monday, 29 February 2016

fed up with the obsession with Tory issues in the EU referendum? There is a better case which must be heard

To judge from most coverage of the EU referendum you would be excused for thinking that the key issues are the fear of immigration, the wholly erroneous assertion that folk come here to claim benefit and how we can make some rich businessmen richer by opting out of rights won for workers actoss the EU

There is a positive case and it was good to hear Willie Rennie Lib Dem Leader in Scotland putting that view:

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: "The United Kingdom's future should be at the heart of the European Union. Next to the NHS it is one of the best creations that this country has built. It has helped build peace, security and economic progress since the Second World War.
"With open markets, partnership between universities and free movement of people it is in our interest to remain a key part of the European Union.
"Our ancestors who experienced a continent of conflict for centuries will be looking on with incredulity that we are even considering leaving the organisation that has helped create a continent of peace

I also like the comments made by the SNP leader

Ms Sturgeon said: "The EU is a coming together of independent states that choose to pool some of their sovereignty to better tackle those issues that don't respect national boundaries - like climate change, energy security and the refugee crisis.

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