Saturday, 2 May 2015

Nasty anti semitic smear by local UKIP candidate.

News reaches us of a nasty anti semitic smear from a local UKIP candidate standing in West Lancs

.Jack Sen, who is standing in West Lancashire, sent the tweet to Liverpool Wavertree candidate Luciana Berger.The post reads:

"Protect child benefits? If you had it your way you'd send the £ to Poland/ Israel."

This is just another example of why we have to confront UKIP and the prejudices that fuel their support. Locally we have had more than our fair share of vile nonsense. Readers may remember Southport UKIP's chair outburst. Ferguson is still in post and he and his son are high profile candidates for Southport. I wrote about the incident and the full text of Mr Ferguson's letter is here

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