Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The aftermath of Sefton's budget

Over the past few days there have been some interesting responses for the debate about Sefton's Budget. In Southport it is generally held to have been a disaster.

One particularly perverse piece of spin has been put about, namely that because we managed to shame Labour into accepting a minor amendment to improve the cold weather provision for rough sleepers we should have supported the entire budget. Pause for a moment of thought. Consider if the Government had proposed legislation to, say, have an immigration policy the practical impact of which was to say if you were white you come to Britain and if you Black you would be barred. ( Any resemblance to the Labour Party's Commonwealth Immigration Act is not accidental) If that legislation went on to allow the Government to disregard International Law and invade sovereign states killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and leading to the destabilising of a fragile region and further if that Bill allowed the government to intercept and reading the correspondence of free citizens I would vote against it even if it introduced the separation of Sefton into two boroughs.

Now I fully appreciate that the Leader of the council does not for one minute believe the nonsense that an opposition party should vote for his budget just because they agree with section 9, sub section 14, point (iii). It is put about to encourage the more gullible and ill informed of his followers. I was much taken with a posting on a Labour website that identified one of the real problems facing the Opposition namely that the :  '......insular righteousness is nearer the behaviour of a cult than a party of government. It is not enough to believe we are right because we are Labour'.

Other contributions have been more thoughtful. Back a bit we were faced with other cuts to the Botanic. I tried very hard in cabinet and outside to establish a workers' cooperative to take over those functions. Sadly there was no support from other parties (the Council was in no overall control) and the staff took redundancy. I still think that was the employee owned business was the preferable option.

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