Tuesday, 19 August 2014


The annual table of members allowances has recently been published by Sefton Council. Reports in the local press have given limited highlights. The full details (including those for previous years) are to be found towards the bottom of this section  Alternatively you can go direct to the 2013/14 table.

Most councillors make no claim for expenses (as opposed to allowances – effectively a salary) as, since 2007, they have to bear the cost of travel to committee meetings etc themselves. The only exception is that the cost of travel outside the Borough can be claimed for. My Birkdale colleague Councillor Simon Shaw is once again one of a very small number of Sefton councillors who make any expenses claims at all. As before, Simon has sent through for publication, in the interests of transparency, full details of his expenses claims submitted to Sefton Council.

There are two activities outside the Borough in which he is involved, and for which the cost of travel etc is claimable, as follows:

  1. He has been a member of the Local Government Association’s Workforce Board and some related NJCs as well as the Local Government Pensions Committee since 2005, all of which meet in London.

  1. He has been a member of the Merseyside Police and Crime Panel since 2012.  In fact, although the travel expenses for this have to be claimed from Sefton Council, the full cost is reimbursed out of a grant from Central Government to cover the cost of the Panel

A detailed analysis of expenses for 1. is to be found here: Expenses 2013/14

In summary, for last year, Simon has claimed expenses of:

  • £490.90 in total, of which
  • £364.75 related to 4 trips to London, which equates to
  • an average of £91.19 per trip, which includes rail fares, tube fares and also hotel & subsistence on one trip.  This compares with the Standard Open Return from Southport to London Euston which costs over £300
  • £126.15 for mileage for 9 round journeys to Police & Crime Panel meetings in Huyton + one to Leeds (502 miles @ 22.5p per mile + £13.20 for parking).  This £126.15 is reimbursed in full to Sefton Council out of Central Government grant towards the cost of the Panel.

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