Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Liverpool Rd closure

Subject: Temporary emergency road closures, Birkdale village
Dear Councillors
Please be advised that we have been notified that the gable end of the Barclays building on the junction of Liverpool Road and Alma Road in Birkdale village is in imminent danger of collapse.
Site inspections have been carried out by the contractor for the building owner and our building control and highways inspectors today, and the decision has been taken to temporarily close both Liverpool Road and Alma Road whilst work is undertaken to stabilise the building.
The decision to temporarily close Liverpool Road in particular was not taken lightly. Given the height of the building and the size and weight of the ornate gable wall it is considered that leaving the carriageway of Liverpool Road open could result in significant injury or loss of life to the general public should the wall collapse onto the pavement or carriageway below.
Further consideration was also given to closing the southbound carriageway only and the use of temporary traffic signals, therefore allowing one way traffic to pass the site. However, given the close proximity of the railway level crossing (less than 50m), it was considered that there was a potential for queuing southbound traffic to ‘back up’ across the level crossing, which could result in a major incident.
Measures will be put in place immediately, and vehicular access northbound on Liverpool Road will be possible to its junction with Alma Road and southbound access will be possible to the Santander building. All pedestrians will use the westbound footway to pass the site.
Details of the temporary emergency road closures is attached to this e-mail and it is expected that the road will re-open by Friday evening.
I trust that the above information is of use to you and explains the reasoning behind this difficult decision.

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