Thursday, 3 July 2014

The disgraceful state of the Council maintained bit of Rotton Row

It beggars belief that once again prior to the Southport Flower Show I am writing to the Chief Exec of Sefton Council about the disgraceful state of Rotton Row.

On one side is the brilliant volunteer maintained herbaceous border. It is one of the best bits of Southport. It is full of colour and variety. I venture to suggest that it rivals similar borders anywhere in Britain. And, though size isn't the most important thing, it's sheer length is impressive. It is the longest such border outside of London.

Contrast this with the other side of Rotton Row. It is a disgrace. As with last year the seed heads have been allowed to form on the weeds and will soon be blowing over the glorious herbaceous border and into the gardens of Beach Priory Gardens. The Council needs to get its act together and maintain this bank. Thousands of people will be coming to the Flower Show and this just advertising the fact that Sefton Council doesn't seem to care

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