Saturday, 7 June 2014

history repeating itself?

Way back when we were in a pact with Labour there was a lot of grumbling and even a special Assembly where members vented their frustration. The big issue was that members, by and large, had a different expectation of the Pact to the Leadership. For David Steel it was a vehicle to prove 'partnership in government' worked. The fact of its continued existence was sufficient. Activists wanted results- policy gains: Constitutional reform, employee ownership/profit sharing, repeal of the special powers taken by government in the wake of the IRA campaign, green measure etc. We got precious few. Richard Wainwrights initiative on employee ownership was the most significant.

We are in the same bind today. Clegg wants a coalition to show we are a party of government not protest. Activists see coalition as a means to an end not an end in itself. They want policy gains: Constitutional reform, green measures, employee ownership (and other radical measures of redistribution) stronger civil liberties, green measures, quality public services etc

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