Tuesday, 6 May 2014

unexpected lib dem bonus courtesy of UKIP

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceSo appalled are some folk at UKIP that it has driven them back into the Lib Dem fold. Now a couple of chance encounters on a bank holiday afternoon don't amount to scientific evidence of a swing but they are interesting indicators never the less.

First up I was walking back from Ainsdale after delivering postal vote letters when a car drew up beside me. 'I've got over the coalition, get me a poster board for the garden' said the driver. It didn't take moments to discover I had Mr Farage to thank for that offer

Half an hour letter I was in the local convenience store-we'd run out of milk-when a women approached me saying: 'just the man I want see, what can I do to help?' And again all thanks to Mr Farage.

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