Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Birkdale village gets more signs


Two new signs promoting Birkdale Village were put up just before Easter.

These replace the former signs, on Liverpool Road and Weld Road, which merely said “Birkdale” even though they were on the outskirts of “The Village” as it is known locally.

Birkdale councillor Simon Shaw, who was behind the initiative, explains: “A lot of people have always thought that the Council got it wrong with the original signs.  Neither of them was close to the boundaries of Birkdale.”

“Now we have the correct locality signs and it isn’t as if the two old signs have not gone to waste.  We arranged for them to be relocated to the start of Lulworth Road and also Guildford Road, so they are now at the true boundaries of Birkdale.  This was a separate Urban District Council until 1912 when it merged with Southport County Borough Council.”

Dukes Ward councillor Pat Ball, who represents the part of Birkdale Village to seaward of the railway line, added: “All six councillors across the two wards were happy to approve area committee funding to support this proposal.  This will further promote Birkdale Village as one of our town’s most attractive shopping areas.”

Councillor Iain Brodie Browne commented: “I think we are all very proud of Birkdale and it is only right that we advertise it properly.”

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