Friday, 10 January 2014

An unnatural coalition

Mathew Oakeshott was on Newsnight stating the blindingly obvious last night. A party which was re-formed in the image of Jo Grimond's vision of re-aligning the left and which merged with the Jenkinsite wing of Lab has mostly centre-left activists. Such a statement would have not cause any comment over most of the last 70 years. Of more interest was David Steel and Alan Beith taking part in the Radio 4 programme called The Reunion . If you listen to the programme you will find David Steel describe the present coalition as 'unnatural' because it is with the Right. The whole programme is worth listening. Steel cannot hide his irritation with the party when it tried to clip his wings. Alan Beith comes across as someone who has thought deeply about the lessons to learn from the experience of the pact and working with Labour. Let us hope that if that scenario is comes about again folk will have the humility to listen to those who have been there before. It would not be a bad start to dig out Richard Wainwright's speech to the Liberal Assembly in 1978

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