Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Unacceptable saga in Richmond Rd -you couldn't make it up

Way back in May I was contacted about an electrical cabinet being knocked over and obstructing the pavement. And so began a long saga began-still unfinished- in trying to get someone to a) make it safe and b) remove it. Finally Scottish Power visited site as promised on 19.11.13. They removed various electrical equipment including a meter and confirmed that there is no live supply there. They insist that the cabinet is not theirs and have left the site in a worse state than before. I complained again but was told that they could not do anymore until they had traced the account that the meter was for.

This account they now say was held by United Utilities who have been  contacted but they insist it is not theirs having checked the maps and drawings of their infrastucture.

I am most gratful to the residents of Richmond Rd , in particular Mr Tittle, who have been very persistent. The nonsense that they and I have been subjected to is wholly unacceptable.  

To go back to the begining:

The cabinet in question was reported during May as being knocked over for the second time. The Council  instructed Capita to investigate and they did, which ultimately led to a dispute between Scottish Power and Virgin Media about  ownership.

The Council having confirmed that the responsibility for repair fell with somebody else and having advised both parties that repairs were required, the matter was closed on the Council’s  defect reporting system. I think the assumption was made that the repair would be completed. Unfortunately, due to communications issues between the council and their contractors they  cannot ascertain why this was assumed.

During late September both parties contacted the COUNCIL denying ownership. Eventually the Council have obtained a key that fits, opened the box and confirmed that it is actually owned by Scottish Power. An e-mail was sent to them on October 23rd, advising them accordingly and demanding that repairs are carried out.

So who owns it? I intend to find out!

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