Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lib Dem challenges Sainsbury development in Birkdale Village

I have written to the council demanding that the  Sainsbury  planning application for their proposed take over of two restaurants in Birkdale village should brought before the full planning committee so that local people can have their say.

To date the big supermarket has acted with a cavalier disregard for the views of local people. 

IBB said: "I have asked for this application to go to the full Planning Committee rather than being decided by Planning officers.  That will mean that residents and traders will have the opportunity to petition and address the Planning Committee."

I am well aware that the supermarket has 'boxed clever' over this issue and the key planning decision to knock the buildings together was made without their name being even mentioned. 

There are many concerns locally about the impact of this development especially on independent local traders and upon traffic congestion in the Village.

The big supermarkets are getting too big for their boots. Since they moved into the 'convenience store' market they have forced many small traders out of business and altered the character of our local shops. It is about time there was a new assessment of their dominant position in the market. They are stifling choice and variety 

I have already submitted a proposal to the local plan which would require full planning permission to be required before small units can be combined so as to provide protection for small independent traders 

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