Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Southport Pier -lots of people promenading. It's a lovely day to visit

I was off down to the Pier this morning to meet journalists who wanted to know of the situation. Yesterday, after a routine inspection, cracks were noted in the structure. As a result the council took the precaution of stopping the tram trundling up and down until after a survey had been undertaken. That inspection was underway whilst I was there. I hope to have news soon.

It was good to see so many people of all ages enjoying the Pier. There was a big school party from Leigh, lots pensions and a goodly sprinkling of pre school children and their families.

The Pier is important in Southport. It is now the second longest Pier in the country and the first cast iron structure of its type. Back in 1990 the council tried to close it. At a vote in full council the Pier was saved by one vote. After that the Pier Trust was formed and money raised to restore the structure

In its long life it has had many crisis-bits have collapsed in rough weather, fires, accidents ....The tram has swapped from steam to electric, to diesel ,and now we have a very fine state of the art machine which one day we would love to see run all the way up to the Chapel St Railway station.

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  1. The Pier Tram going through to Southport railway station, what a great idea. I hope it gathers momentum


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