Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Ainsdale Councillor Haydn Preece is demanding action now and a double improvement at the entrance to Ainsdale beach on Shore Road before Spring.
Councillor Preece has been inundated by local residents concerned about the December closing of the motor vehicle entrance to Ainsdale beach. " We need to build a portable pontoon to prevent future problems" says Cllr Preece " Yes, the water table has been incredibly high and, because of the repeated calling out of the coastguard due to beached vehicles, I supported the temporary closure. But we need to have a strategy for the future so we have access to our beach twelve months of the year. If we can land on Normandy in 1944 surely we can have a portable structure to alleviate future weather issues . A number of residents have contacted me, fearing that we will have the same fate as Weld Road and that council officers want to deny vehicle access entirely onto the beach. I have held meetings with Council officers and they have firmly denied this and I trust them, but we must do more now to create a proper access point. This situation has been a problem for some years however this year's record rain has exacerbated the problem. Now is the time to rectify the situation. I have walked the beach regularly during this critical period. I have been given a detailed tour of the beach and the water table has also made the beach very soft, more so than normal in may areas not just from the tidal sea water but also fresh water seeping from the dunes. "
Preece and Cllr Marianne Welsh are also very concerned about the facilities awaiting tourists arriving at the magnificent beach this summer. " I have had a firm offer months ago to supply all the cleaning materials required to enhance the Ainsdale Beach toilets but despite contacting Sefton Officers I am astounded that nothing has happened to take up this most generous offer - it beggars belief. It is amazing that Ainsdale beach toilets have been allowed over many years to become so dilapidated. Sefton has been a disgrace on that score. We have to have top quality facilities here, not the squalid unhygienic hulk we currently suffer. It would be a retrograde step to close all toilets - complete folly! We are looking to be a tourist town and if people travel to our resort we have to supply the necessary facilities. It's obvious. Don't talk about cuts as tourism brings in finance to our town and we have to provide toilets."
Cllr Welsh added "Ainsdale is our prized focal point for beach entrance. We need to be attracting and encouraging visitors. Without necessary facilities we will lose our visitors and the money in the town they bring."

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