Thursday, 14 February 2013

Local memorial to Gladstone unveiling

Coming home this evening I fell into conversation with Brenda Murray. We were sat waiting for the Southport train at Liverpool Central station. Brenda has been working on a project to to erect a statue of Gladstone in his childhood home of Seaforth and was very delighted that the Crosby Herald had done an article -which she produced out of the large bag she was carrying. It began:

A SEAFORTH historian’s long campaign to remember one of Great Britain’s greatest politicians will finally be recognised later this month.
Brenda Murray, 89, has worked tirelessly to raise money for an 8ft bronze bust of William Gladstone to be unveiled near to Seaforth House where the four time British Prime Minister lived from from the age of four to 17 years.
Over £25,000 was needed for the project with a £10,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund going a long way to helping make Brenda’s dream come true.
The memorial will now be unveiled by Frank Field MP at a glittering ceremony at 12pm on Saturday, February 

Brenda -who has mastered all the digital campaigning techniques gave me her website address and has produced this Youtube video

 Martin Wainwright has written a piece for the Northern Guardian about Brenda and her Gladstone project

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