Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Listen to the People Lab Council Leader urged

After 12,500 Southport people signed petitions to keep their Libraries Birkdale Councillor and Lib Dem Leader Iain Brodie Browne has urged the Labour leader to listen to the people and do a 'U-turn '

' Southport resident are angry that the Bootle led council has produced plans to leave the Southport constituency with only one library whilst keeping three open in Bootle constituency. I hope the pressure of public opinion will cause the Labour Leader to climb down. It would be outrageous if he 'produced a rabbit out of his hat'  at the last moment. If he is going to listen to the consultation then he ought to publish his revised plans immediately so that they can be properly scrutinised. This is not a time to play games.'

I congratualte all the campaigners. If there is a change of policy it will be their victory. They have marshalled their arguement well. They understand that after years of overspending and waste the Council needs to get a grip on their finances but they must do so fairly. The plan that Labour produced did not pass that test.

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