Friday, 25 January 2013

Sefton Schools that shut in the snow

There has been a lot of discussion about schools closing in the snow. Across at Liberal England they have been reminiscing about their school days in the snow. I remember 1963-but that is another story.

After several enquiries I decided to ask about which Sefton School have shut. This is the response:

As you are aware schools make their own decisions, according to local circumstances, and are not required to seek the views of the Local Authority prior to their decision making.

Friday 18 January

Crossens Nursery 12.30 pm
Greenacre Nursery Closed
Hillside High (did not inform us directly)
Holy Family High 12 noon
Hudson Primary 1 pm
Litherland Moss Primary children could be picked up from 1pm if parents wished (school remained open)
Merefield 1 pm
Oakfield/Jigsaw 10 am
Redgate Primary 1pm
Rimrose Hope CE Primary 1.15 pm
Rowan Park 1 pm
St Ambrose Barlow 11.30 am
St John’s CE Crossens Primary children could be picked up from 11 am if parents wished (school remained open)
St John Bosco 1 pm
St Michaels High 11.30 am
St Philip’s CE (Litherland) 1 pm
St Robert Bellarmine Primary children could be picked up from 1 pm if parents wished (school remained open)
St William of York 12.30 pm
Sand Dunes Nursery closed
Shoreside Primary children could be picked up anytime at parents discretion (school remained open)
Springwell Park Primary 1 pm

Academies / Colleges
Note academy schools or colleges do not have to inform the LA, those listed either did as a matter or courtesy or which we generally heard about.

Deyes High
Formby High closed at 10.30 am
Range High
Hugh Baird College Closed

Monday 21 January
Forefield Infants closed (heating not working)
Hillside High closed
Lydiate Primary closed
Rowan Park closed
Springwell Park closed

Academies – see above note

Deyes High - closed

To my certain knowledge this list is not complete. It is interesting that some schools have not declared their plans in the normal way

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