Sunday, 27 January 2013

poor communication and failed refuse collection in Hillside

The recycling collection-including food waste- has been missed a second time-  in parts of Hillside and communication with local residents has been unacceptably bad in my opinion.

The already rescheduled collection should have taken place on 18th January and it was missed because of poor weather. Nobody was sure whether to leave their recycling out or take it in. Relatively few households were impacted. I would have thought it would have been best to contact them directly by leaflet. The free papers and the postman was getting through the 2cm of snow. If they had rung the council they would have been told to put it out on Friday 25/01-which for food wast is beginning to be problematical given that this was already a late collection.

I was on to the Council after the first missed collection.  Well the 25th came and went and no collection. Again no communication. Although I did get an email with a long self justification at 13.56 on 25/01 saying the recycling  was to be collected.  

The council really must do better . They must look at things from the residents point of view and focus on them as a priority. Even if residents had found their way on to Sefton's website it is not the most user friendly site-and many residents do not use the internet. To have failed to communicate a second time must rank as poor performance.

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