Friday, 11 January 2013

Missing from John Leach's Top Ten

John Leach MP for Manchester has come up with his top ten achievements from the mid term report. I noticed another I thought worth a top ten finish. The Employee Ownership Association reported :

Government Progress on EO highlighted in Coalition Audit (4th para on page)

On Monday the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister published its Mid Term Review - a 46 page document listing the Government’s achievements since the last election across policy areas. It includes points such as reducing the budget deficit, reforming public services, improving school standards, freezing council tax and increasing income tax allowances and says that Government will make “further improvements to labour markets by: extending the right to request flexible working to all employees and creating a system of shared parental leave; introducing a new employment status of ‘employee shareholder’; and taking forward many of the recommendations of Graeme Nuttall’s independent review of employee ownership in 2013”. A subsequently leaked audit of achievements to date reveals that Government plan to ensure an injection of private capital into Royal Mail, including opportunities for employee ownership, as flagged in the Postal Services Act 2011, which reserved at least a 10 per cent stake for employees. It also reinforced plans for the new employment status of Employee Shareholder. You can read more here.

We ought to couple with that Jo Swinson statement that the government are not going to tarnish the brand bu calling their silly Osborne inspired idea to swap workers rights for share 'Employee Ownership'

John's top ten were

Top 10 Liberal Democrat Achievements
1.       Reducing the deficit by a quarter, fixing the mess left by Labour and keeping interest rates down
2.       Creating 1 million jobs and 1 million apprenticeships. 84% more apprenticeships in Manchester.
3.       £600 tax cut for 24 million working people by ensuring nobody pays any income tax on the first £9,440 they earn. 74,000 of the lowest paid Greater Manchester residents have been removed from the tax system all together.
4.       Delivering an extra £2.5 billion into schools targeted at the least well-off pupils, raising standards for everyone. £20m extra for Manchester schools
5.       Created a Green Investment Bank to unlock billions of pounds of private investment in renewable energy and create thousands more green jobs in Manchester through companies like Siemens.
6.       Youth unemployment is lower than when we took office, thanks to our £1 billion Youth Contract, which gets young people off the dole and into work through apprenticeships, work placement or training.
7.       Secured the biggest ever cash rise in the full state pension, worth an extra £650 every year.
8.       Cutting crime by 10%
9.       Better, faster treatment in the NHS, with waiting times down and 25,000 people accessing cancer drugs they weren’t allowed under Labour
10.     Scrapped ID cards and removed innocent people’s DNA from the police database

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