Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Thoughts on the co-op funding priorities

A guest posting from David Tattersall

Your recent lovely Birkdale blog about dear old Viv Bingham reminded me about the Co-op's little understood financial support for Labour. The Co-op  shops may be "Good with Food", as their telly ads keep saying, but they keep very quiet about it being also "Good for Labour."
Tonight I simply Googled "Co-operative Party finance" and turned up a very interesting page on the Unlock Democracy web site. Do have a look at
The up-to-date post, dated 10 August 2012, claims that the Co-operative Group donated  £809,000 in 2011 to the Co-operative Party - the official "sister" party of Labour with Ed Balls and many other MPs being elected as "Labour and Co-operative"members  - and £50,000 in the first quarter of 2012.   How many LibDem and Tory voters who are Co-op shoppers  realise they are indirectly helping to contribute political donations to Labour when they fill their supermarket trolleys ?  Perhaps it's time they were told !!
And what did Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and their crew do during all those years of government to promote and encourage shared ownership and co-operative principles ?  Instead they fawned over the City and big business.
Be warned, however. Under the Donations heading on the blog, there is a mistake.  It says that Labour is the "only political party" to benefit from indirect donations from the Co-operative Bank credit card schemes.  The LibDems also have an affinity card deal with the Co-op Bank which brings in cash to the party every time I use it.  I know this because I'm signed up to it and my card has the Libby logo on it.   But while I bank with the Co-op, they don't get much income out of me as it's free banking and for all my misgivings it's still not a "casino" bank and has ethical policies, unlike the others.

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