Monday, 10 September 2012

late issuing of home care bills

COUNCIL 6th September 2012 Agenda Item 6 Question submitted by Councillor Brodie-Browne to the Cabinet Member – Older People and Health (Councillor Cummins) Can the Cabinet Member comment on the late issuing of bills for home care which are reported to be several months in arrears? This is causing elderly users of the service concerns. Response: I do recognise and apologise that bills for certain adult services are subject to delay. This situation has risen for a number of reasons:- • Staffing difficulties within the Financial Assessment Team in Adult Social Care. • The Council has taken on responsibility for new functions in relation to the billing for Community Meals provision. • There has been some delay in receiving the information from providers of service. • Technical issues that have been experienced within the Team. It will be recognised that the nature of these charges reflect considerable changes that take place in certain packages of care on a weekly basis and hence the charges to be billed. As I have already said I do apologise for this position and we anticipate bringing all the current arrears up to date over the next 8 weeks. I will personally monitor the situation over the coming weeks to ensure this position is addressed. In answer to my supplementary question the Cabinet Member undertook to monitor progress and to publish results

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