Monday, 3 September 2012

D66 (left liberals) tipped for government

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
D66 the left Liberal Party from the Netherlands is being tipped to enter government. With the recovery of the Labour Party the possibility of a 'purple coalition' is growing. That was the coalition that ran the government between 1994 and 2002 and has always been seen as D66's preferred option. The coalition would consist of D66, the Labour Party and the right wing Liberals VVD. The election is on the 12th September

Earlier this year D66 put out a statement on their position which can be found in full here and their website is here

 Forward Now

Towards a prosperous, sustainable future

Summary and main points 

Together, we’re ready for progress. D66 wants to go forward, it wants to contribute to a world in which people are not bound by inflexible systems, tight rules or prejudice and labels. Connected people who—with care and responsibility for themselves and each other—function to the best of their ability. After a number of wasted years, the Netherlands is desperate for a new vision, for new economic growth that includes chances for everyone.

Chances for increased prosperity are abundant, now and for future generations. We therefore should not sit still. D66 wants to stand up to the challenges we face and start renewing our economy, sustainability, labor, housing and our educational system. D66 wants to take initiative to balance the budget and leap forward to a strong and democratic Europe that includes its citizens in decision processes. Stagnation does not endow people with anything good: not a house, not a diploma, and certainly no perspective of a prosperous future.

D66 chooses economic growth and more freedom. This can be achieved through true commitment to Europe, a balanced budget and excellent education.

D66 has featured before on the blog

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