Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Too easy to slag off Labour

It would be so easy to deal with Labour's tribal opposition to House of Lords reform but responding in like manner. Nevertheless I hope we can rise above that.

 Don't get me wrong I think those who Ms Toynbee described as 'knuckle dragging neanderthals ' deserve all the grief that can be heaped on them but let's recognise that they are not all wreckers or ignore that there are some 'Hedgers and Ditchers' in our own ranks-did you read Steel's rant?
If we are to make progress on this agenda we need to rally constitutional radicals where ever they are found and there are sincere friends of reform in the Labour Party

Early on yesterday one Labour MP tweeted:
Lords reform today. best chance of reform for 25 years. Hope we don't mess it up

Later in the day the journalist John Rentoul observed:
Ouch. Graham Allen, Lab chair of select committee, asks Sadiq Khan if he realised that Lab seemed insincere in its support for reform?

Of course there are Labour people who only calculate party advantage and see it as a sign of weakness to listen to argument but if our approach to politics is to prosper we're just going to have to get over that.

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