Tuesday, 8 May 2012

losing the Keys to the Town Hall in midterm-an historical perspective

I got an email today which helps put things in perspective

When we are the party of government we inevitably experience difficulties at the local elections.

After all we lost "The keys of the Town Hall " here in Southport in1907, just twenty two months after our greatest electoral triumph

I would point out that back them what I -at the risk of sounding like a Serbian Nationalist -like to call Greater Birkdale* was not part of Southport.

Nevertheless this does not alter the truth of the observation and is certainly as good a line as Ed Davy's assertion that 'we have waited 70 years to experience the midterm blues'

*Birkdale and Southport came together to form a new borough on 1st May 1913. Prior to that Ainsdale and Birkdale had already merged. The Birkdale council covered all of Birdale ward and all of Ainsdale Ward plus most of Dukes ward and a bit of Kew ward.

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