Thursday, 26 April 2012

We can conquer unemployment

The. Liberal Party......pledges itself to find immediate employment for those now out of work on works of national utility and development, many of these works, like electricity, telephones, housing, roads, and railways, being long overdue. It is surely better, instead of wasting our substance by spending £70,000,000 a year on 'doles' for which there is no return, to lay out this enormous expenditure in providing work on plans which will leave the nation richer and more efficient for its tasks. The details of these plans are set forth in the liberal pamphlet 'We Can Conquer Unemployment'.


  1. Wouldn't it be great if the Liberals, now they are in Government, acted liked they believed this. A pity the likes of Libdem MP Andrew George managed to persuade Libdem minister Norman Baker to torpedo a £62m infrastructure project in his Cornwall constituency.

  2. Hi Ged

    I simply don't know enough about the Cornish situation to comment. I do suggest that infrastructure investment is the right thing to be doing, hense my welcome for the Thornton Relief Rd-which thirteen years of Labour Gov failed to deliver and the rail investment in the NW around the Manchester hub. 10 miles of railway track electrified by Labour in 13 years. 800 miles being electrified by this government in 5 years. We need to keep up the pressure to get the Burscough Curves added.

    I welcome Mathew Oakeshott's idea of getting on with house building. New social housing ground to a halt under Labour. It would give the construction industry a boost and take building workers off the dole.

    For most Lib Dems Prateek Buch's Plan C outlines the action we think should take place:


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