Thursday, 15 March 2012

Big support for Pugh in Southport over Health rebellion

There was overwhelming support for Southport MP John Pugh from local Lib Dems after his 'rebellion' on the Health and Social Care Bill (although it seem odd that he should be branded a rebel given he was championing the position taken by the Party as recently as at their conference last weekend)

The Liverpool Echo reported

Dr Pugh, a fierce critic of the shake-up, said: "This is a risky piece of legislation.

“It's a huge centralised risky piece of legislation and people are concerned.

"What they're concerned about is implementation, what's going to happen over the next year, because this story isn't going to go away – whatever happens with the legislation."

The constituency executive met this week and backed their MP following which the local part chair issued a statement which declared:

'John has shown great courage in sticking up for the near-unanimous opposition to this Bill expressed to us by Southport residents and we are very proud of his efforts'

An important issue here is that this Bill is not part of the Coalition agreement and in its present form is not a piece of legislation that we can support.

Personally I am particularly please that John did not just oppose the bill but spelt out a Liberal alternative bringing together the commissioning of Health and Social Care at a local level carried out by an accountable public body.


  1. This can't be the same John Pugh who has in the past abstained when given the chance to vote against the Bill, praises Libedem efforts to amend it but now decides to oppose it!

  2. Indeed it is the same John Pugh. It is a pity Sefton Labour MP's weren't as active in opposing the Blair Government when it introduced the 'sweetheart deals' for the private sector which paid them more than the NHS, or the PFI schemes, or the crude marketisation, not to mention the re-re-organisation of Health commissioning.


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