Monday, 5 March 2012

100 years since the merger

Birkdale was a separate Parish from Southport up until 100 years ago. On the 1st April 1912 the two merged- Birkdale having previously swallowed up Ainsdale in 1904.

Throughout this period the question of merger was the hot topic in local politics. In 1903 there had been a failed attempt to bring out the union following an Inquiry. The application was turned down.

In “A History of Southport “ by Francis A Bailey nearly two pages, 201 – 202 are devoted to the negotiations & politicking between the two Boroughs leading to amalgamation.  

'The full story of how amalgamation was brought about has been told by Jarratt in his Municipal Recollections.  At the time of his appointment as Town Clerk of Southport (1900), “a state of acrimony had grown up between the two authorities upon almost every matter which they were called upon to discuss as adjoining authorities". 

We all get on very well know days-although I'm not so sure about the relationship between Birkdale and Ainsdale......

Later in the year we may well commemorate this anniversary more fully

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