Friday, 10 February 2012

The Atkinson, lost tiles and coat of alms

On my visit to the Arts Centre I reported that during the renovation some fine floor tiles had been uncovered. In particular the old banking hall-the home to the Library since the 1920o's-revealed some fine examples. The hope was expressed that it may be possible to display some in the new building and there was speculationu that a coat ofarms may have been in front of the fire place as was often the case in banksof the period. Nobody seemed to know which bank.

The observant amongst you will have noted that the bank building does have a coat of arms in the stone work and there is a photo of the restoration of it stuck up on the screen around the building. To the naked eye it look remarkably similar to to town crest.

In January 1881 there was a run on the Southport and West Lancs Bank Ltd. The previous year the bank had moved to impressive new buildings at the cost of  £20,000.The Banks directors included the Mayor and Mr Boothroyd-of department store fame and well as the usual quota of Southport names-Wright, Rimmer and Ball.. William Atkinson was also a shareholder. the Bank was finally taken over by Parr's Bn from St Helens and finally landed up as part of RBS -another insolvent company.

I'm told that this is the bank that occupied 1 Eastbank Street and became the Town Library in the 1920's-so if a coat of arms is revealed it will most likely be one we are all familiar with.

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