Monday, 5 December 2011

A Christmas stocking filler

Now that the second advent candle has been lit I am prepare to talk about Christmas stocking fillers.

The one book that has caught my eye this year is Beyond the Corporation-Humanity Working by David Erdal

As Amazon reviewers say:

This is by far the best book to explain democratic employee ownership to business people and to the owners of family firms who might be consider a sale to the employees. David Erdal has "walked the walk" by arranging for the successful sale of his large family business to the employees so he speaks with a convincing authority on the matter. He masterfully spells out the arguments on economic, managerial, political, and social psychological grounds for democratic worker ownership. This combination of real world experience and interdisciplinary understanding of the issues makes this the book on democratic employee ownership.
--David Ellerman

or again

'BEYOND THE CORPORATION gives a breathtaking overview of employee ownership over the years and across the continents and provides a passionate argument of the case for employee ownership. It should be compulsory reading, not just for those of us on the inside, but for any student of economics, sociology, business or politics.'
--Carole Leslie, Policy Director, Employee Ownership Association
Beyond the Corporation: Humanity Working

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