Friday, 9 December 2011

Cameron's Delta minus negotiating strategy harms UK

Cameron-having burnt his boats with the mainstream centre right parties in Europe-turned up to the Euro summit with no allies. In order to stop a Tobin/Robin Hood tax ( read the report from Stamp out poverty here)he has damaged Britain's long term interests.*

My Lib Dem MEP has issued the following statement:

David Cameron was this morning accused of relegating Britain to the second division of Europe.
Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies claimed that by wrecking agreement between EU countries in Brussels the Prime Minister had ensured that a two speed Europe would develop.
He said: “Far from keeping Britain strong, Cameron has ensured that we will lose our influence at the top table.
“By seeking to protect bankers from regulation, he has betrayed Britain’s real interests and done nothing in practice to help the City of London.
“The fear now must be that we will increasingly lose the opportunity to affect decisions being taken that are bound to affect us.
“The consequence of the xenophobic attitudes towards our European neighbours that have been allowed to develop has been to leave Britain weak.  We have shot ourselves in the foot.”

*Thanks to Lord B for the Tobin link
As an after though. I do wonder whether that most canny of politicians, Alex Salmond may -when the time is right- adopt membership of the high speed Europe as part of his Independence campaign..... 

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  1. I hope Chris Davies takes this up with his Leader. As according to William Hague the Deputy PM was kept informed at all stages and consented to Camerons actions


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