Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Liberal Party business model at 60+

The Liberal Party has promoted various forms of co-ownership for nigh on a century. The chief example used by Liberals in the time of Grimond/Thorpe /Steel was the Northamptonshire employee owned firm of Scott Bader.

It is sad the Liberals do nor speak with such conviction about the advantages of employee ownership and if it is mentioned at all it seems to be in relation to public service reform or a marginal measure of mutualism

The model developed by Scott Bader and other forms of employee ownership are more relevant today than ever before. In the aftermath of the collapse of neo-con economic dogma a different model of capitalism is required. Many of the issues that the crude market economics failed to address- excessive executive pay, poor productivity, the shortermism of Directors focused solely on shareholder value, the failure to build sustainable job, the maldistribution of wealth etc find answers in employee ownership

Vince Cable's search for a way to control excessive pay would end if employees owned the company. The most impressive entrepreneur support system has been developed amongst employee owned companies.They have created and expanded businesses with an eye on the long term.

Who can forget the Kraft takeover of Cadbury's.

Anyway Scott Bader is now over sixty and has produced a little video which is well worth watching:

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