Saturday, 15 October 2011

Unanswered questions Lib Dems should demand to have answered

I see the ring wing of the Tory party is joining the Labour Party in suggesting that Lib Dems have not joined in the Fox hunt for fear of what might happen to Chris Huhne. On the assumption that is not true there are some key questions that need to be pursued.

Craig Murray was on Radio 4's Week in Westminster this morning. Craig is a former British Ambassador (and YL). On his website earlier this week he posed some of the questions that need to be addressed in a form of a letter to the British Ambassador to Israel:

'You are widely reported in the media to have met Mr Werritty with Liam Fox at a meeting in the MOD before your posting to Tel Aviv.
1) Was this part of your official series of pre-posting briefing meetings?
2) Who organised the meeting? Was it organised by another official, eg in Heads of Mission Section (if it still exists) or the geographical department?
3) At what stage did you know that Werritty would be in the meeting?
4) How was Werritty introduced to you?
5) Who did you think that Werritty was? In what capacity did you believe or presume or were you told that Werritty was at the meeting?'
Craig clearly feels that the links between Werrity and Israel may include Mossad-that was the bit that was edited out by Radio 4 this morning . 

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