Saturday, 1 October 2011

Haydn Preece reports on Coastal Rd campaign

"Raising awareness of speed will potentially make the Coastal Road safer"  declared Ainsdale Ward Councillor Haydn Preece after Wednesday night's Area Committee meeting to place four Actuated Signs between Weld Road and Liverpool Road.  Four flashing signs that remind drivers of their speed if over the speed limit will be in place soon.
Councillor Preece has been campaigning for improved road safety on the Coastal Road and initiated council officers reports on the Coastal Road . Cllr Preece has welcomed the decision at Area Committee to fund from Ainsdale and Dukes Ward four Actuated Signs."They will be like the ones at Ince Blundell Woods and they certainly make drivers check their speed. Stats show that a number of speed related accidents on the Coastal Road are caused by people out of town unfamiliar with the variances ion the Coastal Road. We are looking to save lives, curb speed and remind drivers of their responsibilities related to speed.  These flashing signs can play a role and if drivers react as they should we will collectively have achieved our objective.
The signs are solar powered and the precise placing of each one will be determined by the Highways Department."

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