Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Garenin closes permanently

It is with enormous saddness that I learn that the Gatliff Trust have come to the decision to close their amazing 'Black House' Crofters Hostel on Lewis. I first visited there about 20 years ago and I have written before about the couple who ran the hostel. I returned a couple of years later with my regular walking companion.

Those who have travelled up from the Callinish Stones to Garenin will never forget the landscape-or the unfamiliar experience of people stopping their cars unbidden to offer lifts. I am please that the three remaining Gatliff Hostel continue to prosper they are well worth a visit If you go to the Harris Hostel at Rhinigidale  don't go by the new road but walk from Tarbet by the hill path.

I understand that the rest of the Garenin crofters village is still open

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