Thursday, 6 October 2011

Credit where it is due- Labour Leader has acted responsibly

I was very critical last year when I felt  Sefton Labour Leader Peter Dowd opted out of the budget process and licensed his group just to campaign against the cuts. Many thought that they gave the impression that if Labour had been in control of the Council things would have been different.

This year as Leader of the Council Cllr Dowd has stepped up to the crease and published a list of spending cuts he wants the council to consult on. This is the responsible thing to do. These will be difficult decisions. Some, when the economy is stronger,  we will wish to reverse. But to govern is to choose as someone once said and Cllr Dowd has chosen. His actions reveal his sense of priorities and we will scrutinise his judgements. There are some we will want to challenge and others accept. We may wish to suggest alternatives. This is the proper process of politics and Cllr Dowd reserves recognition for having fully engaged in the process

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