Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kennedy in the Golden dozen

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice I was more than a little gobsmacked-that's is if you can have degrees of gobsmackedness-to have featured in the Top of the Blogs Golden Dozen merely for posting Charles Kennedy's review of Nick Clegg's year. Whisper if gently but he does have sort of a point -namely that the cock-ups and miscalculations have come from the higher reaches of the party. Maybe listening a tad less dismissively  to the party faithfully would be a good plan B. Most of the big policy screw-ups, the Health Bill, Student fees and the inflexibility over Plan A -have been sanctioned by those who have sought to take the party off in a direction 'against the grain' of membership. That tiny minority who want a European style pro market, pro business centre party  do not understand that the political structures in Britain ( that is without PR) cannot support their ambitions. For most of us we still march to the same drum beat that we have for decades-to realign the left.

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