Friday, 9 September 2011

St Deniol's

 Gladstone seriously considered becoming an Anglican priest and the Library that now bears his name has a major collection of theological books. There is also a large representation of Victorian work including literature. When the Library first opened it was dedicate to St Deniol-who also has a shopping centre in Bangor named after him..

Originally-the guide book tells me - Gladstone wanted to call the Library Monad-which it helpfully explains is a Greek word meaning the One, oneness or one truth. Now in the hands of some of the less generous adherence to Christianity that could have become a declaration that there was only one way-their way. Not so Gladstone who genuinely believed that there was truth to be found in the Classics, mathematics etc as well as the Gospels. 'Any one working solidly and seriously for the benefit of mankind would contribute to the one truth.' In this spirit the Library has recently opened the 'House of Wisdom' a new reading Room with a special focus on Muslim faith and culture. The Library warden has written about the project here

The photo show the Library Chapel and the art installation 'sails' that is presently displayed there. The icon is of St Deniol although I don't know where the got the likeness from

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