Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Carter Piece Birkdale

I was posting about the problems that residents in Hartey Rd/Blundell Drive were having around the bit of land they called Hartley Green,. I knew that it had another name and asked readers to let me know Michael Braham has responded:

The land was, I believe, bequeathed by  Alderman Paul Carter to be used as an open space and was referred to as Carter Piece . I have a cutting from the Southport Visiter circa 1961 which relates to some case work which Edgar Bradley did about the area. Incidentally Paul Carter was the proprietor of Whiteleys Laundry which used to call round to houses to collect the laundry in the pre launderette days and I have vivid memories of their horse drawn van delivering the laundry to our house in the late 1950s.

Edgar was a Liberal Councillor for Birkdale South. He was popularly known as 'Fireworks' Bradley as his company dealt in Fireworks. I seem to recall that his factory burnt down. I met him and his wife in the early 1980's when he gave great support to my General Election campaign. I think his most successful product was as the first import of 'party poppers' from China.

As to Whiteleys laundry-I'm guessing and await correction- that was on the land now occupied by Dickenson Court

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