Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ainsdale flooding

Ainsdale councillor Haydn Preece has hit out after Ainsdale's Station Road was flooded on Friday night and Saturday morning. " This has been a persistent problem and last weekend was the worst Ainsdale residents, shopkeepers and shoppers have had to endure. Moreover the flooded areas created a road hazard as cars veered to the centre of the road to avoid mini lakes over eight inches high. This is not a one off, it is happening all too often and I have requested our highways and technical services to take a serious look at this unsatisfactory and dangerous situation. Shoppers parking at the Liverpool Road end of Station Road had nowhere to park. We want people coming into Ainsdale village to shop at our excellent range of local businesses, this repeated flooding has to be addressed urgently."

ED: Guildford Rd Birkdale is also experiencing problems and Richard Hands is talking with residents as I type

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