Thursday, 29 September 2011

20 mile an hour speed limit in Birkdale

Southport Area Committee met last night and among the items of interest was the proposal for 20 mile an hour speed limits. The papers can be found here

In Item 13 you will find the plans for such a limit to be introduced in part of Birkdale. This is part of a wider campaign that Birkdale Lib Dems have been waging to improve safety around schools in the area.
The exact proposal -including a mention for Lib Dem transport Minister Norman Baker reads:

The first is the area bounded by, but not including Liverpool Road, Halsall Road 
and Guildford Road, up to Shaw’s Road. A plan of the area is shown as Annex B. 

This would require 8 double sided (20mph/30mph) signs on all of the entry/exit 
points, and 26 small, 20 mph repeater signs within the area. The cost of 
progressing a 20 mph speed limit within the area shown in Annex B would amount 
to £2460 for signs, and £800 to advertise and process the legal Traffic Regulation 
Order. On top of that would be costs incurred in carrying out the consultation 
exercise with all residents in the area, in terms of consultation documents and 
postal charges, as well as resource implications on Traffic Services staff. 
Consulting with the 750 properties in the area would need to be out-sourced to a 
distribution company, which is anticipated to add another £2000 to the cost, giving 
an overall total of approximately £5000 - £5500.  

Members may be aware that the Regional and Local Transport Minister, Norman 
Baker, has recently issued a press release, advising Local Authorities that 20 mph 
speed limits can be introduced very cheaply by the use of 20 mph carriageway roundels instead of repeater signs, however two roundels cost £212 to install, and 
then would require repainting on a regular basis. Two back to back repeater signs 
mounted on an existing lamp post costs £60 and require much less maintenance.

My colleague Richard Hands has been pushing this proposal and it was agreed last night. A map is included in the papers at Annex A

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