Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cllr Dowd use of Authority credit card

So often when the question of the run away expenses of the Labour Chair of Merseyside ITA (Merseytravel to you and me) are raised Cllr Dowd is not available for comment. When a national broadsheet did a story on Merseyside he was not available, when the BBC was asking questions about his mega claims he was not available so iy was with some delight that he was actually tracked down this week.

And once again he declined to comment

It appears that Councillor Dowd uses the Merseytravel credit card for meals, hotels, theatres, Labour Party conferences etc

The Liverpool Post reports:

Cllr Dowd has come under fire for using the transport authority’s credit card to pay for his attendance at Labour party conferences, theatre tickets, and a trip to Alcatraz in the USA.
Merseytravel last night said all personal spending on the credit card had been reimbursed under a pre-existing agreement.

I am intrigued. I may be wrong but it does read as if Cllr Dowd is allowed to use the Authoriry's credit card as a loan facility. He can spend on it for all manner of things which it is not appropriate for the ITA to fund and then 'repay' the loan.  The man does claim in excess of £65k for being a Councillor this does strike me as beyond what is appropriate

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