Thursday, 25 August 2011


Nick Clegg paid us a visit today and confirmed to the media that all the files relating to the Hillsborough tragedy would be released. The families have been campaigning to see these files for many years but despite being in power for 13years Labour failed to instruct civil servants to publish the documents. Well done Nick Clegg. 

We were also pleased to learn that despite the baying of the right wing press and some Tories the Government is not going to take powers to close down social media. Can you just imagine what a Labour Home Secretary would have done? Straw, Reid or Blunkett faced with that decision  could not be relied on to defend free speech.  You may recall the Labour Government planned to legislate to invade the privacy of our emails.  

There was a private meeting between Clegg and some party members. It is good to belong to a party where members have the opportunity to directly debate with their leaders important matters. Richard Kemp-who cannot help himself when it comes to a quote-said the meeting 'put a spring in his step and lead in his pencil' . 

I have always thought the sycophancy is amongst  the worst of all political vices 

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